Flag Day Festivities at Hitech Concrete Offices


In a jubilant display of national pride and unity, Hitech Concrete marked Flag Day 2023 with a memorable celebration at its offices. The highlight of the event was the uplifting flag-raising moment led by the esteemed Engr. Samir Koblawi, General Manager of Hitech Concrete, alongside the entire team.

The day commenced with an air of excitement as employees gathered at the Hitech Concrete offices, eager to partake in the Flag Day festivities. Engr. Samir Koblawi, took the lead in hoisting the UAE flag, symbolizing the shared values and aspirations of the Hitech Concrete family.

As the national emblem soared high above the office premises, it not only painted a vibrant picture against the azure sky but also served as a powerful representation of unity and allegiance.