Uniting for change at COP28!


Around the world, people are rising to the challenge that climate change presents. Every year, the Conference of the Parties (COP) is held for the world to unite around tangible climate action and deliver realistic solutions. This year, more than ever, unity is a prerequisite for its success. The COP28 can be the turning point we need on climate action over this critical decade. For us, at Trojan Construction Group, this is a milestone opportunity for us to course-correct, advance the cause, and meet the goals and ambitions of the COP28.

The UAE hosted the 28th edition of the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Located in a region where heat is intense and water is precious, the UAE has long viewed climate change as a challenge that must be overcome. As a regional leader in the energy and sustainability sectors, the UAE has grown and diversified its economy, creating knowledge, skills, and jobs for its young people while contributing practical solutions to a global problem that impacts us all since its inception in 1971.

At Trojan Construction Group, we’re proud to announce that our commitment extends beyond mere net zero emissions; we’re aiming to achieve carbon negativity by actively removing carbon from the atmosphere. This ambition aligns perfectly with our recently awarded international certification for our energy management strategy, further solidifying our dedication to a sustainable future. “Trojan Construction Group recognizes that the construction industry plays a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future.

As such, we pledge to integrate climate considerations into every facet of our operations,” shared CEO Engr. Mohamad Mahmoud. As part of our VIP visits on the IHC stand at COP28, we were proud to host Mr. Syed Basar Shueb, Managing Director and Board Member of International Holdings Company. We also held a live panel discussion titled “We did it, can you?” with women in the construction industry. Our Carbon Footprint Reduction Panel at COP28 aimed to inspire real change and advocate for eco-friendly practices across industries. The Royal Advance Team, led by CEO Engr. Wael Mansour, teamed up with Siemens Industrial and we went on to explore groundbreaking solutions for reducing carbon footprints and shaping a sustainable future. Their collective expertise emphasizes the power of unity in creating innovative solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Together, we wish to see environmentally conscious outcomes and build with hope for a greener tomorrow.