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Precast Columns, Beams & Footings

Precast beams and columns are one of the most flexible systems and can suit all architectural and structural criteria in a majority of projects. Precast beams and columns are fast to install, don’t require propping, or scaffolding systems; thus it saves cost, time, and resources. Our product range includes precast concrete beams and columns using both normal reinforcement and pre-stressed reinforcements. In all cases it is possible to provide exposed reinforcement for the composite structure.
The establishments production capacity includes all types of beams such as rectangular beams, box beams, inverted T beams, L shape beams, I girders, etc.
Also, Hitech manufactures columns in a variety of sizes, shapes, and lengths. Precast columns can be provided with single or multiple corbels to support floor or roof beams.
Hitech provides precast concrete footings in various types and shapes, such as: isolated footings, pocket footings, inverted T footings, strip footing, etc; for use as building foundations or boundary wall foundations.


Hitech is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E with a dedicated multinational workforce of over 8,000 employees


Concluded the year 2019 with a record turnover and expects more growth in 2019.


Hitech growth was fuelled by mega ongoing projects and we continue to see growth in aspiring markets

Hitech use a range of modern, high quality machinery worth AED 150 Million to produce the best possible results

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