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Stairs are an essential part in any type of structure, and precast concrete stairs are the ideal solution for all kinds of projects; whether it is industrial or commercial, high or low-rise buildings, villas, schools, shopping centers, etc. Hitech provides different types of precast concrete stairs, straight or spiraled, with attached or detached landings. Precast concrete staircases can be produced with different surfaces, including  smooth finishes ready to receive paint, polished steps, or a roughened finish.

The  use  of  Hitech  precast  concrete  stairs  eliminate  expensive  shuttering  or  scaffolding systems on site; reduces the project construction time and the workforce required at site.


Hitech is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E with a dedicated multinational workforce of over 8,000 employees


Concluded the year 2019 with a record turnover and expects more growth in 2019.


Hitech growth was fuelled by mega ongoing projects and we continue to see growth in aspiring markets

Hitech use a range of modern, high quality machinery worth AED 150 Million to produce the best possible results

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